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The Russian forum is very informative. Thank you Panda for the artefact spawn map!
I got the cords for de and fr too and compared them (thanks for the help). Much more random even if the pattern with circles is similar. Interesting though could be to know if the cords is the same from year to year on the national servers.

Translation for map:

1. Unique artefacts 2. The architects’ great secret 3. The great titan boots 4.The eagles slight eyes 5.Great diet control 6.Rivals slight confusion 7.The trainers great talent 8.Great storage masterplan 9.Slight storage masterplan 10.Rivals great confusion 11.The trainers slight talent 12.The eagles great eyes 13.Artefact of the slight fool 14.Slight diet control 15.The slight titan boots 16.The architects’ slight secret.

Artefact reports







Insanity stealing a small trainer



Hm, I though they were related when I made my table but this is not a friendly exchange of the storage.  Cerberus still had an artefacts in todays check so it’s on the wrong place in the table.


Artefacts distribution

I’ve sorted in groups where I found relationship in profile but the last group  sympathises is unsure – at least with a fast look. Even if I recognize some names I don’t dare to guess who is cooperating with who 😀

The guests on the server, Czech, Baltic and United Kingdom (more of international players then pure uk)  have taken some artefacts too.

It’s good to see Russian allys don’t have them all  ^^

Before start I talked with some Russian players that wanted to show that Cerber isn’t the Kings. As it looks Cerber is still on the top. They have 6 uniques, 10 large and 13 small. They might have more if some in the last group is related.

It is Russians in that group and Bulgarians too. We recognize WINter for example that didn’t play with the Russians last final – but didn’t challenge them either. That might be different on their own server.

The last unique, eyes, belongs to P@K. A small Russian ally with 6 members clustered near the Gray zone.


Russia small large Unique
Cerber 7 6 5
Insanity 4 2 1
Def&Dest 2 2
Vegas CZ 3
BS 6 3
VC 2
AoW 1
Lietuva 3
Black W 1
Nut 3 1
ZlatkRi 1  
Candies 1
TG 4 3
WiNter 5 3
Выползни 2
40 1
Nova 2 2
Oujeee 1
ZERG 2  
228 1
Others 1
Р@К 1
  52 28 7

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