Artefacts International

Midgame is here and the journey to endgame has begun.




The strongest alliances have taken most artefacts. Supporting allys will share and others will change owner by conquering. It will be interesting to follow where they ends up.

SS with 160 members got the biggest share with 6 small  5 large and 2 unique. As they has nap with Dacia  (6 small) they are well prepared as you also can count SAM CZ with their 3 large to this meta.

Vietnam got the most desirable artifact, the Unique Architect but none of the other large good for troops. Unique fool can be used for that.

1453, Turks, has together with Türkiye large architect,boots, 2 diet and confusion. They took 3 unique: eyes, trainer and confusion. LzBK, solo player for now will need his large eyes in this quad if he don’t give it away.

HellasDT has no unique but6 small, a large architect and diet. Their opponents S&G, A and !!CS!! got together 5 small and 2 large. We can look forward to more reports from SE.

Faguette, earlier Meeseeks, got 2 large trainers and eyes, Ghetto and IKEA (surprise!) also belongs to the smaller but stronger allys that can have influence the coming days, depending on which meta they decide to support.




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