Prestart interviews part 2

Hi guys and girls! I have to confess I’m not sober but since I’m offline most of the weekend I have to try to post the interviews I have.


First out today is Gabi Marton from Dacia K. Dacia won the last Final. They was the biggest meta and they will probably be this year too.

1. We start with the question we all are most curious about.  In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?

1. We don’t know yet. I know just with who will not cooperate 🙂

2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.

2. Finals is about war between Dacia and urss team plus their arrows.

3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?

3. Two victory’s in a row.

4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?

4. 1st travian should rethink quals in another form to attract more players, and servers to be more competitive

5.  As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it’s got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?

5. CL. If we are talking about national teams, Dacia lost his golden team after com5 – 2010. So, from my point of view, all nations lost so many players that right now is impossible to win a final as a national team. If this finals came in 2006-2010, Dacia was capable to win as a national team, all romanian players.

6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?

6. Trying to finish my projects at work :))))



Trình Triệu  from Vietnam was kind and answered my questions. Last year they played with the Turkish meta. They have new friends this year – or?

1. In this finals, we associated with Team X3.
2. We are waiting for a general agreement from the group that we will cooperate. Of course, in addition to the peace relations (if any), we will have to fight with the other team as the way we play this game.
3. Our goal in the finals is simple because we will have to spend a week traditional holidays –Tet. We support defenses for teams that we will cooperate with.
4. I think that good players’ skills and team’s strategies will make the fight more attractive, and this is the factor that attracts more participants, not the problem you are talking about.

5. I think this is just a championship. The team linked together based on respect and equality to same aim to win. This is a war of the association, not the war of nations. However, there will be many teams with only one country, which will help them to be closer and to understand each other better for the same language and country.
Our team will be only Vietnamese, we do not represent Vietnam as there will be many other Vietnamese groups not joining the finals or not the same purpose as us.
We are always aware of the most cultural expression both inside and outside the game. There are a lot of people who are prejudiced against Vietnam team. But, if anybody was an ally or even the opposing side of us they would understand how our team works. We always fight hard and respect every opponent.
6. Of course we have to arrange our personal time funds to have reasonable time to participate. We will have 1 week of traditional New Year holiday and this time it is very difficult to take care of the game account. However, we will have the best preparation and reasonable in this stage.



Adám HUN, I’ve been allowed to follow their ally chat, they are a good-tempered team that always have fun in their neighbourhood and are good supporters to Dacia.


1. Just like previous years, we will start on NW quadrant with The Dacia. We are cooperating with him maybe 4 time in a row, so we don’t change team in this final.


2. Naturally. Our main enemy will be everyone who will fight against us:) especially in North West quadrant. But surely Russians are the primary enemy.


3. Our goals are simple. For our team is, that we want to have fun, play as a little “Family” and show to everyone ( I mean to the world) that we can make important stuffs with a smaller team. However our goals for our Meta is maybe the most important. We want to help and win this final as last year.


4. I don’t know how much wildcard will be in drawing, but I think yes, this idea will be bring more players. Lots of players will do not get their card to the finals. Next year maybe more player want to qualify and play against the best players. As everyone seen, that in almost every qualy server almost/everybody qualified to the final.


5. In my opinion is, that this is more than just a tournament or a championship. This is a challenge. A challenge to everyone, to show the best. Nations and Metas are fight against each other. This is the place, where  rivals and friendships are born.


6.Not much for myself: Sleep:D

.For our team… We want to fire ourself, to bring out the best from us.


Thai/India is an alliance that have supported different metas. Abishek was kind and answered.


Hello This is Abhishek from H-M-B , people know me as Abhishek in Skype and [Monster Machine / Black Hammer ] in game.

01. In South West we will start .. and we are going to cooperate with BAD.

02. I think our primary opponent will be DACIA..

03. I like winning .. so my goal is VICTORY .. and at the same time have fun and toying with opponents.

04. I think for less wild card this year ..players will settle many more multies in next qualifier to get the key .. not to play the server.
05. It’s just a way to qualify . And reunion of old friends .. that’s more important for me.. and we were in Group B .. alliance name’s was C.O.T and TT .. most of us Asian, and some EU and South American we are mixed .. we never find any cultural differences cause every one likes to have fun.
It’s like a family 😊

06. I am sleeping 12 hours everyday before finals.. 😆. I know i won’t get much chance to sleep during finals and completing my pending works so i can play freely with my friends.



The last for today is from Arabia. Last year they had a tough server against Poland and X3. This year they have new leaders. I got in contact with Nourdine / Wise who answered my questions. He asked me to publish is skype too if you wants to contact him: nourdine_kan.


1 . Our miracle will be in 100/0 in the east betwin north east and south east . That maybe change to 100/100 if we play with Italy.

2. Our enemy I can’t answer of this question because to my knowledge in diplomacy we don’t have enemy right now.

3. Our goal is make new friends alliance/meta and win together.

4. In my opinion it would be good because we see that few qualified this year.

5. Tournament for me is a world cup every year, we see new alliances forming making it more spectacular and challenging ,also it is a measure of our strength because in our servers we are the king but in tournament we just rivals aspire to victory.

6 . Now I’m relax some time I’m take a break from Travian until I enter with all my strength and readiness.

Note : God in all this our side is the north east.



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