Final Contest


Welcome to the Final 2018!


Last year I had a magic box, this year I found a magic lamp 🙂 It will not be as easy as last year to get the coveted wildcards. I have been lucky and the genie Martina when beseeched conjured up 20 of those.


So how can you lay your hands on this wildcards?

As last year I want banners for your alliances/metas. I will give away 15 of the wildcards in this contest.

In last years contest I got this one as an example:

I will choose 3 banners among the contributions and the leader of those 3 alliances/metas will get 5 wildcards to distribute as he finds best.

Every drawer that participate will get a 30 gold voucher (max 10 images).

You can post your banners in this tread.

Good luck and I look forward to see your arts!




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