Final contest 2

What a lot of amazing banners! You must be very eager for those wildcards!

I didn’t set a stop date but I do it now:


The contest ends on Wednesday 8 November


I have done a first sorting. The banners must be possible to resize so they fit in my Corner as in my example, so let’s see if the banners works when smaller.

We have two banners from Animal both works but I think I like the second best it is cute 🙂


BAD had contributed with 3 banners and they works too. I have hard to chose between the first and the second. The first is fun but the second is really nice so that one will continue to next round.


Dacia is next, 5 banners so far – lol. I think the ones that works best here is # 2 and 3 but #2 is more Travian even f I like the clean view on #3.


Ottomans have participated with a fun picture but it is a little outside our epoch 🙂


I like this from Prime with a building that reminds about the World Wonder and a good format too.


The Italians have contributed with both alliance banners and for the meta. I have to disqualify the first one even if it is awesome but I’m afraid it can be copyrights problem with it. TG is a little pricky about such things. Hard choice again with the others. Thinking, thinking, thinking…. I chose the last one now because it is different but I might change my mind, I like the touch with a WW i background.



WINter is the last contributor, I really like this one 🙂 but details disappears somewhat when I resize it.


ok.. I have 6 – or 7 – that will go to next level of sorting. Thank you very much for your banners so far!

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